ECOS Pet Dwellings Primer


ECOS Pet Dwellings Primer is ideal for use on metal and unfinished pet dwellings before the application of the appropriate ECOS Pet Paint. For metal substrates, the primer should be applied only after any rust has been removed. Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Perfect for reptile enclosures, bird cages and kennels.

  • ✔ Zero VOC1
  • ✔ No Odor2


  • 1Conforms to CDPH 01350 (VOC emissions test taken at 14 days).
  • 2No traditional paint (polyurethane) odor, which can cause headaches, nausea, and respiratory issues.
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Features and Functionality Certifications and Rating Systems
High quality European pigments Declare Label
Simple to apply HPD Third Party Verified
Fast drying 8260B VOCs (Liquid State GC/MS)
Water based, so easy clean up
Can be applied in occupied spaces without discomfort
No traditional paint/polyurethane odor
No glycol and zero VOC pigments
No added pesticides, herbicides, fungicides
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Stir gently and thoroughly before use.
Apply one coat to unfinished wood or metal and allow to dry for at least 6 hours before over-coating.
Normally touch dry in 1-2 hours.
Comprehensive Application Instructions can be found here.

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