Polly’s Pastels Therapeutic Bird Perch Medium


Pollys Pastel Therapeutic Perch is a veterinarian designed variable size perch which will trim your birds nails and beak naturally while promoting healthier feet and leg muscles. Because birds spend their lives on their feet, problems can develop if theyre confined to perches of a single thickness and shape. Pollys Pastels are variable size, therapeutic perches which allow your pet bird to change and choose the thickness and shape for the most comfortable foot fit! Naturally trims nails and beak. Variable size promotes healthier feet and leg muscles by changing the gripping angles. Non-chewable and indestructible for birds. Textured non-slip surface proven safe for the birds feet

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Max 1-1/4″ dia. 8 1/2 long
Small cockatoos, Lories and Pionus
Natural Earth Tone


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Weight 9999 oz
Dimensions 99 × 99 × 99 in


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