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Do you like the convenience of shopping on Amazon?  Many people do and there’s nothing wrong with that.  We hope that you’ll keep your local shops in mind when you do though, and begin your Amazon shopping experience with us.  Port Orchard Parrots Plus is an Amazon Associate as well as an independent retailer, so starting here means that you get to enjoy the familiarity and convenience of shopping on Amazon (not to mention the vast number of products available there that no local shop could possibly stock) and Port Orchard Parrots Plus earns a small commission for referring you to products on sale there.  Everybody wins!

Just remember that shopping on Amazon means that you’re buying on Amazon’s terms.  Our terms of service apply only to products and services that you buy directly from us in our own online store, so be sure to review the terms of service on Amazon so that you know your rights and obligations concerning anything you purchase there.

Thanks again for supporting your local exotic pet services and supply shop.  We’ll be keeping an eye on the products that sell through this channel and adding them to our own store whenever possible as time goes on.  Happy shopping!

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