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Parrot Rescue Funding Devastated by COVID-19 Restrictions

Everyone is Hurting

Since the COVID-19 lockdowns began in March of 2020, the parrot boarding business at Port Orchard Parrots Plus (our primary donor) has almost completely dried up, causing the loss of nearly half of its income and therefore the reduction in half of the amount of money available to donate to the Rescue and Sanctuary.

As a result, the expenses incurred this year by the Rescue and Sanctuary have exceeded donations by almost $2,000! We’re hoping (along with everyone else) that a vaccine for COVID-19 will be available by next Spring-Summer, and that Port Orchard Parrots Plus clients will be able to travel again. Until then, we’re begging!

100% of All Donations Benefit Our Parrots

Not one penny of your donations go to administrative costs or to benefit anyone other than the parrots in our rescue and sanctuary. Port Orchard Parrots Plus (the retail business that shares space with the rescue and sanctuary) covers all of our administrative expenses so that everything you donate goes to the birds.

Donations start at $1 but can be any amount over $1 that you choose. You can make a one-time donation or you can set up recurring donations to spread your giving over an extended period of time.

Recurring Donations

If you would be willing to sign up as a recurring donor that would help immensely. Recurring donors choose the amount and the frequency of their donations which are then charged to their preferred payment method automatically. You can cancel anytime (via your account page), change the frequency of your giving, the amount you give, and/or skip a donation if times are a bit tough.

Recurring donations help reduce the “feast or famine” phenomenon faced by most charities and other non-profit organizations. It frees us up to spend time helping our birds instead of fundraising.

Port Orchard Parrot Rescue
Sam (Amazon Parrot)

As a Token of Our Gratitude…

Port Orchard Parrots Plus has offered to reward donors of $20 or more with special discounts available only to our donors and volunteers.

One Time Donations

One time donors receive a coupon good for 10% off their next purchase of $25 or more. This coupon may be used in addition to any other discounts available to the bearer.

Recurring Donations

Recurring donors also receive a 10% off coupon. In addition though, a 25% off coupon will be sent to you automatically upon receipt of your first recurring donation. Then, each time another recurring donation is processed you will receive another 10% off coupon. These coupons may be used in addition to any other discounts available to the bearer.

Consider Becoming a Volunteer

If You can’t spare the money – or even if you can – consider becoming one of our very special Port Orchard Parrot Rescue & Sanctuary Volunteers.

We couldn’t do this without the help of our volunteers! Each week they come in for an hour or two to clean, feed, water, and socialize with our parrots – ALL essential to keeping the parrots healthy and happy here. For more information about volunteering, check out our volunteer portal here (opens in a new tab or window).

Donate Your Used Cages, Perches, Toys and More

Do you have usable pet products lying around that aren’t being used anymore? You can help fund the work of Port Orchard Parrots Plus by donating them for use by the Rescue and Sanctuary and/or for resale to help fund our work. Donations may be dropped off anytime in front of Port Orchard Parrots Plus.

Thank You for All You Do

It has been said that it “takes a village” to raise a child, and the same is true for rescued parrots. You are our village! Your support makes all of this possible and without it, we just couldn’t get the job done. So thank you! Please let us know if there’s anything we can do to help.

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