Cats, like us, can experience changes in their behavior due to emotions such as fear, pleasure, hunger, anxiety etc. Many of these behavioral changes affect the quality of life of us and our feline companions. Here we explain some of the most common problems and how to correct yourself.


There are several reasons why a cat begins to make strange sounds, especially at night. Since they are a nocturnal species by nature, and if they slept throughout the day it is natural that they want to play or get your attention during the night. Some breeds tend to be more vocal like Siamese, so, if they are hungry, want love, go outside or just call your attention, they will be noisier.

There are also diseases, such as senility in old cats, which can cause them to mew and cry abnormally; or they may have throat irritation that causes pain, so we suggest you go to your veterinarian to rule out health problems.


Cats scratch to mark their territory, so if there are objects in your house that you do not want them to damage, we recommend you to get a scratchig post that are made of attractive materials and textures for your cat to scratch, such as rope, corrugated cardboard or carpets. You can use a little catnip and spread it over the post to attract your cat and use his new post.


This behavior can be due to boredom, because they are playing, aggression or a nutritional deficiency, or simply because a certain texture attracted him. That’s why we recommend you get an appropriate toy so you can chew, keep track of which food has the necessary nutrients according to the AAFCO, and check with their veterinarian that you do not have a dental problem.


For more behavior problems and solutions read the full article in The Spruce Pets: Cat Behavior Problems and Solutions.

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